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Windmill Apartment, Gardens & Countryside

Windmill Apartment, Gardens & Countryside

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A converted windmill house and garden, situated in a beautiful countryside setting. Use it as a game level, or a source of assets for your own projects.

The scene is ready to use, complete with lighting (with baked lightmaps), collision, animations, particles and sound effects - simply drop in a first person camera and off you go!

Some of the package highlights include:

* High resolution textures (most at 1024x1024) with normal maps, with medium and low texture packs also included
* Many objects and items including trees, plants, gardening tools, stove, radiators, table and chairs etc.
* Particle effects for the chimney smoke and stove fire.
* Detailed collision mesh for the entire environment.
* Exterior and interior lighting setups with pre-baked lightmaps.
* Animated sails on the windmill.
* Custom scripts for animated clouds and flickering lights.
* Multiple atmospheric sound effects.
* Animated texture for the stove fire.
* Maya and FBX model files are included.

Package Detail

Version: 1.3

Unity versions: 4.6.4 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:


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