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Water FX Collection

Water FX Collection

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A huge collection of realistic water particle effects.
19 water-based visual effects. The complete list of effect packs includes:
Realistic Waterfall<br>
Water Splashes<br>
Realistic Water Fountain<br>
Beach waves<br>
Bathroom Shower<br>
Boat Wake Effect<br>
Camera Lens Rain<br>
Car Water Spray Trails<br>
Window Rain<br>
Fire Hose<br>
Firefighting Plane Water Effect<br>
Flushing Toilet<br>
Foot Step Water Splashes<br>
Garden Hose<br>
Garden Lawn Sprinkler<br>
Underwater Propeller Wake FX<br>
Water Drips<br>
Car Window Rain<br>
If purchased separately from the store these assets would be worth well over $200.

<p><br> <strong>Package Detail</strong><br><br> Version: <strong>1.0</strong></p>
<p>Unity versions: <strong>2017.1.1 or higher</strong></p>
<p>Supported Render Pipelines:<br> <strong>BUILT-IN RENDER PIPELINE</strong></p>
<p> </p>

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