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Space VFX Collection

Space VFX Collection

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A diverse collection of space visual effects.

10 popular and high quality asset packs have been bundled together, covering many aspects of space and sci-fi related VFX. The complete list of effect packs includes:

Atmospheric Entry FX
Jet Engine Flames
Orbital Beam Laser
Planet Explosion
Rocket Launch FX
Space Weapons VFX
(Lasers, Photon Torpedoes, Space Mines and Missiles)
Teleport Particle Effect
Tractor Beam FX
Warp Drive VFX
Wormhole Tunnel FX

If purchased separately from the store these assets would be worth $115.

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 2018.1.8 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:


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