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Sea Spray VFX

Sea Spray VFX

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This Sea Splash VFX pack creates realistic waters splashes in an ocean environment. Simply place the asset around your scene where splashes are required and then random splashes are triggered as a wave passes.

The effect has four different splash types, along with ripples, water mist and water droplets.

Splash zones are defined by a collision trigger box which can be any dimension and orientation. A large set of user definable settings are available to fine tune the effect such emitter count (spawned in random locations within the collision box), splash threshold (size of wave that will trigger a splash) and splash scale (to modify the splash sizes).

A lightweight version of the asset is also included that uses only 1 TextureSheet.

The asset uses Unity's built-in water system with its wave deformer script. Please note that only HDRP is supported, plus Unity version 2023.2 or higher is required.

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 2023.2 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:

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