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Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack A

Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack A

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This Race Track Construction Kit: Add-on Pack A provides additional art content to the Race Track Construction Kit.

The pack includes the following objects:

* 3 crowd grandstands (with and without crowds)

* 18 track signs (including distance markers, pit lanes and corner arrows)

* Advertising billboard

* 2 corner chevron signs (small and large)

* 9 Flag pole objects (8 separate country flags and a Unity flag)

* Flood light

* Footbridge

* Oil drum

* Red and white barrier

* 20 track start markers

* 2 Traffic Cones (small and large)

* 9 tyre walls (partially covered & uncovered, various heights, all of which snap fit together)

3 different texture resolution sets are included (high, medium and low), and every material has a colour, specular and normal map. The Maya and FBX art assets are also included.

Package Detail

Version: 1.3

Unity versions: 5.2.2 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:


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