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Interior Props Pack

Interior Props Pack

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A set of 31 high quality props and objects to furnish your interior environments.


The full list of objects includes:
* Wooden Table <br>
* Chairs (6)<br>
* Glass Coffee Table <br>
* Cactus<br>
* Kettle<br>
* Ceiling Light <br>
* Mini Hi-fi<br>
* Framed pictures (3)<br>
* Coffee Pot<br>
* Sugar Pot<br>
* Tea Pot<br>
* Radiator<br>
* Rubber Duck<br>
* Rug <br>
* Shelves<br>
* Side Table<br>
* Soda Can<br>
* Sofa<br>
* Standing Floor Lamp<br>
* Floor Plant<br>
* Table Lamp<br>
* Table Plant<br>
* TV<br>
* TV Stand<br>
* Vases (2)<br>
* Welcome Mat<br>
* Wooden Crate<br>


Most objects include normal maps, with diffuse maps at predominantly 1K and 2K resolution. Two sets of low resolution files are also supplied, along with Maya files.

<p><br> <strong>Package Detail</strong><br><br> Version: <strong>1.2</strong></p>
<p>Unity versions: <strong>5.3.2 or higher</strong></p>
<p>Supported Render Pipelines:<br> <strong>BUILT-IN RENDER PIPELINE</strong></p>
<p> </p>

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