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Garden Assets And FX

Garden Assets And FX

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A set of garden assets and effects to create a beautiful garden environment and bring it to life.

The pack includes many plants, trees, buildings, animated objects, particles and sound effects, including an example environment.

The complete list of assets includes:

* Walled Garden with Surrounding Landscape and Sky
* Garage
* Garden Lawn Sprinkler (complete with multiple water jets, water mist, sprinkler model animation, audio, and full 360 degree sprinkler water animation)
* Garden Hose (complete with water jet, water mist, hose model and audio)
* Bird of paradise flower
* Daisies
* Date Palm
* Fallen leaves
* Garden Hoe (rake)
* Gardening Gloves
* Hose Pipe Wheel
* Ivy (3 types)
* Maple Leaf Tree
* Linden Leaf Tree (2 types)
* Palm Bush
* Pampass Grass
* Planter Table
* Potted Yukka
* Stepping Stones
* Wellington Boots
* Door mat
* Chimney smoke particle effect
* Ambient sound effects

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 5.3.4 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:


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