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Celebration FX

Celebration FX

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A large collection of props and effects to celebrate any virtual occasion!

The complete list includes:

* 6 birthday candles, each with candle base and flame particle effect.
* Cake firework with flame and smoke effects.
* Cake "Happy Birthday" topper.
* Two birthday cakes.
* Sparkler firework complete with sparkler model and multiple burning effects.
* Pyrotechnic firework effect.
* Low-poly mobile friendly Christmas spruce tree.
* Confetti particle effect.
* 2 bunches of realistic balloons.
* Glitterball/mirrorball object with glittering particle effect and animation.
* Bubble machine (bubbles collide with the environment, bursting upon collision).
* A bottle of champagne popping its cork with multiple effect and physics based cork.
* Glass of champagne with bubbling liquid effects.

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 2017.1.1 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:


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