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Boat VFX

Boat VFX

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A collection of water VFX to simulate the wake, foam and spray surrounding a boat.

The effects include:
Boat Wake Rear
Boat Wake Left
Boat Wake Right
Boat Side Foam
Boat Front Foam
Boat Rear Foam
Boat Water Spray Front A
Boat Water Spray Front B
Boat Rear Spray

Each element can be scaled and positioned to accommodate any boat's shape and size

Versions for the built-in, HDRP and URP pipelines are also included.

Please note that the Boat Wake elements are 2D VFX so will only work on a relatively flat water surface to avoid intersection (although this could be negated by changing their sorting priority).

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 2020.3 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:



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