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Waypoint Route VFX

Waypoint Route VFX

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A collection of VFX to create a glowing magical trail to help guide the player to the next objective or waypoint.

There's two stages to the effect; an initial flash and burst of particles is then followed by a glowing orb following a pre-determined path, leaving a glowing trail of sparks and smoke in its wake.

Two solutions are included to demonstrate how a path could be implemented in your game, one using the free Bézier Path Creator (free on the Unity Asset Store) while a second uses keyframed animation. Please note that this pack doesn't offer a complete solution to plotting a route and path through a level to guide the player, instead it is a collection of VFX that can follow such a path once it has been established in your game.

Versions for the built-in, HDRP and URP pipelines are also included.

Package Detail

Version: 1.0

Unity versions: 2021.3 or higher

Supported Render Pipelines:



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